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Kenai Peninsula Hockey Association

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KPHA was started in 1975 to operate a youth hockey program that would give any boy or girl from ages 4 to 18 years the opportunity to play hockey regardless of skill level.  To accomplish this goal, KPHA relies on the donations of sponsors and families.


If you'd like to donate to KPHA for the upcoming 24-25 season, please click the link below. 

If you are a business and you'd like to become a 24-25 season sponsor, please email to discuss options.

All sponsors will be recognized on our website and social media pages.

Additional recognitions are available for larger sponsors.

All players, coaches, managers, and volunteers will need a 24-25 USA Hockey Membership.


This membership is required in order to attend tryouts for all kpha teams. additional fees apply that are separate from KPHA season tryouts, registration and season fees. 


Click the image below to register now!!


Neck Laceration Protection is REQUIRED!!! 

As you prepare for the upcoming season, please keep this in mind!

There are many different neck guard options, just depending on your players preference. Cut resistant base layer shirts with built-in neck guards, bibbed neck guards, or just the basic neck guard.

If you have any questions, please reach out! 


Check out our Facebook page for the most up to date news and announcements.


Be sure to "LIKE" and SHARE our page! Click the link below!

Click images below to access handbooks, rule change summaries and annual guides

The KPHA Member Handbook is available on the KPHA Handbook & Policies tab here on the home page of our website.

ASHA Handbook 23-24

USA Hockey Rule Change Summary

USA Hockey Rulebook

USA Hockey Annual Guide

Email us your greatest hockey moments...  We want to recognize our kids for all the amazing stuff they do!